Monday, January 31, 2011

We all need to believe in something....

A Secular Franciscan, a W iccan and a pagan Catholic walk into a bar......... (smile)

It sounds like the opening to a raunchy joke.....

Actually it could be you, me, a friend..... everyone believes in something, or at least we should.

I cannot imagine going through life without believing in something bigger than myself.  However, I am aware that there are people who just don't.

I was born and raised Catholic. I am raising my daughter Catholic.

I kind of equate it with exercise. If you are born and raised to include exercise in your life, you just always make it a part of what you do. How you exercise may change as you get older or if what you believe is good exercise changes, but the fact is, you will always make exercise a part of your life because that is what you know. 

My daughter will know that no matter how she chooses to celebrate her spirituality in the future, spirituality will always be in her life. It is a part of all that we do.  Her background will be Catholicism because that is what I know. It is the structure that shaped my spiritual path. It was a good structure and a good place for me to start. I think she will learn and take from it what she needs as well. She will grow and understand that there is something bigger than she is, a shaping force to protect, to heal, to fill you with that feeling of happiness.

People spend a lot of time with labels, so not surprising everyone's religious affiliation needs to be defined as well. My husband is a self-proclaimed agnostic and because of this he pretty much lets me run in whatever direction I want with our household's spirituality. Statues of saints abound...especially St. Jude, St. Anne, St. Therese, St. Francis, St. Anthony, Joseph, Mary....... why? Because they were always the mediators between my family and God, Jesus, and Heaven. My family prayed to the Saints in the way most people pray to God, but as most Italian Americans do, we have a saint for each thing/person/situation we are praying for.  My love of the Saints comes from that and my spirituality is immersed in that.

My daughter knows we have friends who are Jewish, Lutheran, Buddhist, Wiccan and probably lots of other descriptions as well. Each practices their spirituality in different ways, but none is "without God/dess".
If my daughter can grow up knowing and being accepting of the many different ways that people celebrate the world and being in the world, than I will know that I have done well as a parent. There will be many people who do not agree, but that is a whole another blog.

I just want her to know there is always a dialogue, a conversation to be had about spirituality, God, creation, heaven and earth, and all the daily things happening in and around it.

And eventually she will know the story about how a Secular Franciscan, a Wiccan and a pagan Catholic walked into a bar......... (smile)

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  1. Heh...what if the Secular Franciscan, Wiccan, and Pagan Catholic are all the same person? :)

    Good stuff, Sher...takes me right back to ERs and St. James!